Sumatra Wahana Estate


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This natural-processed coffee from Wahana Estate has been a core component of our award-winning Wilde blend from the start, so we’re excited to feature it as a single-origin coffee.

Located west of the volcanic Lake Toba on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia; Wahana Estate produces some of the most remarkable coffees in Asia. To achieve its high quality, the coffee cherries are only picked when ripe, and dried until they resemble raisins. This natural fermentation process ensures maximum fruitiness and sweetness in the cup.

On the estate, 250 hectares is used for coffee plantations, 30 hectares for the coffee nursery, 10 hectares for the coffee processing facilities and they employ approximately 2000 workers. They have also created a Farmers support Centre, which helps local coffee farmers by providing information about coffee farm management, distributing shade trees, organic fertiliser and coffee seeds to farmers for free.

Varietals: Rasuna
Process: Natural
Tasting Notes: Red Apple, Pineapple, Currants
Suggested Espresso Recipe: 21g In / 38g Out / 26 Seconds