Yemen Mocha Matari
Yemen Mocha Matari

Yemen Mocha Matari

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While the coffee tree is native to East Africa, the first people to cultivate and drink coffee were just across the Red Sea in Yemen sometime in the 15th Century. 

Today, small quantities of these unique heirloom varieties are still grown in steep terraces in western Yemen using the traditional sun-drying methods. The coffee produced here is highly sought after for its unique chocolaty intensity & delicate winy acidity. 

In fact, the modern word ‘mocha’ comes from the name of the local port Al-Mokha – referencing the distinctively chocolaty nature of the coffee grown in this part of the world. 

This particular lot is grown in the mountainous Bani Mattar district west of the capital Sana’a and delivers unique sweet, floral flavour with notes of Jasmine, Mandarin & Honey - perfect for brewing as Pourover Filter, Batch Brew, French Press or Aeropress. 

Process: Natural 

Coffee Varieties: Heirloom 

Altitude: 1800-2500 masl 

Producer: Al-Hamdani 

Tasting Notes: Jasmine, Mandarin, Honey