Sumatra Blue Roca 250g

Sumatra Blue Roca 250g

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Coffees produced in Sumatra are well known for their distinctive flavour characteristics which are influenced by the volcanic terroir and unique processing methods. Blue Roca is grown in the highland plateau of Onang Ganjang, just south of the volcanic crater, Lake Toba in North Sumatra.

This special coffee is processed using the Giling Basah or semi-washed method, a process unique to Sumatra. The thing to know about coffee from Indonesia is that it is unique and immediately recognisable. Why? Because the wet hulling process is only done in Indonesia so it is not very common. This type of processing combined with the rich volcanic soil results in a beautifully balanced full-bodied coffee with an intense, rich and earthy flavour and delivers tasting notes of pink grapefruit, cedar & caramel.

Here's what Mike Ford, our small batch roaster & quality assurance specialist, has to say about the Sumatra Blue Roca: 

"When I made some for the espresso window customers to try, they loved it and said they had never tried anything like this before. One person said it was like tasting the jungle!”

Pack Size: 250g

Varietals: Onang Ganjang

Process: Wet Hulled 

Tasting Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Cedar, Caramel

Suggested Espresso Recipe: 20.5g In / 38g Out / 26 Seconds

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