El Salvador Santa Sofia

El Salvador Santa Sofia

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Located on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano near El Salvador’s Pacific coast, the small Santa Sofia farm is a perfect location for growing exceptional specialty grade coffee. 

This 5th generation family farm has a history of producing the very best - with their coffees featuring regularly in El Salvador’s Cup of Excellence awards. Not only is the coffee amazing, but the farm is actively involved in ‘Cafe Pacas’, a local initiative that works to improve working conditions, wages & more for their employees. 

The bourbon coffee variety grown at Santa Sofia produces a coffee that produces coffee with a creamy, butter shortbread-like sweetness & a refined complex acidity. 

Varietals: Bourbon 

Process: Washed 

Tasting Notes: Honeydew , Shortbread, Red Apple 

Suggested Espresso Recipe: 21g In / 35g Out / 25 Seconds 

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