Costa Rica El Orvo

Costa Rica El Orvo

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The Don Sabino estate are fourth generation coffee producers in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica. The family produces a variety of specialty-grade coffees across multiple farms - including this lot from their El Orvo farm. 

Finca El Orvo grows the Villa Sarchi variety, a local natural mutation of the Bourbon coffee variety. They then sun-dry the ripe cherries using African-style raised beds for 24 days, before processing the dried cherries. 

The combination of variety, processing & the ideal growing conditions at the farm produce a coffee with a cane sugar-like sweetness, with zesty notes of grape and peach. 

Varietals: Villa Sarchi 

Process: Natural 

Tasting Notes: Green Grape, Cane Sugar , Peach 

Suggested Espresso Recipe: 20g In / 36g Out / 26 Seconds 

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