Colombia Sudan Rume Geisha 250g

Colombia Sudan Rume Geisha 250g

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(Available as whole bean only)

Located high in the Colombian Andes, Fincamigos is an experimental farm dedicated to cultivating the most highly sought-after coffee varieties in the world - including Sudan Rume, Geisha and Tabi.

These varieties are well known for their high cupping scores and unique, complex flavour profiles.

Sudan is an ancient variety that was first cultivated in South Sudan’s Boma plateau. One of the main reasons Sudan Rume is not widely cultivated commercially is its low productivity. However, when Sudan Rume is grown commercially it is coveted for its cup quality and relative rarity.

Geisha is a variety that was first documented in the Ethiopian village of Geisha but has become an icon in specialty coffee circles for its unique sweet floral flavours - and record-breaking prices.

At Fincamigos, the coffee cherries are selectively handpicked and pulped, before being fermented in water for approximately 48 hours and then laid on drying beds. The parchment coffee is then sundried for approximately 8 days to highlight the unique floral aromas and fruity sweetness.

This delivers a uniquely aromatic & complex coffee with tasting notes of orange blossom, strawberry & chamomile notes with a smooth, creamy & buttery finish.

Here's what Mike Ford, our small batch roaster & quality assurance specialist, has to say about why he loves the Colombia Sudan Rume Geisha:  

"This was a really interesting one. A washed process of three highly sought after varietals from the same estate. The best thing about this one is how complex it is but how at the same time it is so easy-drinking with an amazing smooth mouthfeel. At my monthly Meet the Roaster Event it was a standout and everyone said it was the type of coffee that you drink and you just want another one."

Pack Size: 250g

Varietals: Geisha, Sudan Rume, Tabi

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Orange blossom, Strawberry & Chamomile notes with a smooth, creamy & buttery finish

For more info and brewing tips for this exceptional coffee click here.

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