Dark Roast Pods (Box Of 60)
Dark Roast Pods (Box Of 60)

Dark Roast Pods (Box Of 60)

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Looking for a blend that brings maximum flavour from your Nespresso®* compatible coffee pod machine? Well, our dark roast pods are here to help.

Bursting with smooth vanilla and butterscotch notes - the six different coffee origins provide a full earthy body and bold, lingering flavours of hazelnut and dark chocolate.

Dark Roast Blend
Origins: Indonesia, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Colombia, India & Brazil
Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Butterscotch, Hazelnut, Chocolate
What about waste. Aren’t pods terrible for the environment?

We were concerned about the sustainability of coffee pods too. After all, it’s a key part of what we stand for. To provide a real solution, we’ve teamed up with Terracycle, the global leaders in "recycling the non-recyclable". Through this partnership, customers can return their used Seven Miles pods for free, where Terracycle will recycle them into items like benches, picnic tables, and even playgrounds. Click here to find out more about our partnership with Terracycle and how you can recycle our coffee pods for free.

What type of machines do our Pods work with?

Our pods work with machines compatible with the original Nespresso®* system only. These pods won’t work with any other system, including Vertuo, Dolce Gusto, Aldi or Commercial pod systems.

*Nespresso® is a trademark of Societe de Produits Nestle SA. Neither that company nor its affiliates have manufactured or endorsed this product or the use of this product. The Nespresso® trademark is used in relation to this product in a descriptive capacity only and not to indicate the origin of this product.