Burundi Musenyi 250g

Burundi Musenyi 250g

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Burundi is one of the many countries in East Africa, which produces impressive high-grade coffee. Due to its popular neighbours (Kenya & Ethiopia) the coffee can sometimes be underestimated. However, over the years, the coffee farms in this region have dedicated their pursuits to cultivating high-grade beans and have been praised for producing bold and complex brews.

Produced by a small washing station near Musenyi, a small village in the Bururi district, south-western Burundi and forms part of the Kawazamurabawe Cooperative.

The coffee cherries are hand sorted and fermented in tanks using a single-fermentation process and then sun-dried for 7 days. To maintain quality, the parchment coffee is then moved to a warehouse to be assessed, graded and stored.

This results in a coffee that delivers a clean and balanced cup with tasting notes of black tea, peach & dates perfect for an elegant filter coffee or delicately refined single origin espresso.

Here's what Mike Ford, our small batch roaster & quality assurance specialist, has to say about why he included the Burundi Musenyi 250g in this month's Single Origin program:

"This really stood out on the cupping table for how rich & bright it was. Bright zesty citrus acidity but there was also a rich sugary fruit flavour as well. When our own 7M staff tried it, everyone said it actually reminded them of drinking a sweet tea."

Pack Size: 250g

Varietals: Bourbon

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Black Tea, Peach & Dates

Suggested Espresso Recipe: 21g In / 42g Out / 26 Seconds

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