Aceh Felicia Telege 250g

Aceh Felicia Telege 250g

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(Available as whole bean only) 

Grown near the remote town of Telege, Aceh on the island of Sumatra, this coffee is definitely one of a kind. 

The ripe cherries are processed using a unique ‘double extended natural fermentation’ – which results in some remarkably deep, liqueur flavours. The producer was drawn to these flavours as a substitute for alcoholic drinks which aren’t allowed in the Aceh region. 

Here's what Mike Ford, our small batch roaster & quality assurance specialist, has to say about why he loves Aceh Felicia Telege 250g:  

"This coffee is blowing people’s minds! They are saying it is unlike anything they've had before. Intense dried fruit, orange and boozy. Someone even said rum & raisin, which is a pretty good description. I think people will enjoy drinking this coffee with other people just to see their reaction." 

Pack Size: 250g

Varietals: Lini S + Sigararutang

Process: Double Extended

Tasting Notes: Sultanas, Orange Liqueur, Lychee with a Ruby Grapefruit Acidity

For more info and brewing tips for this exceptional coffee click here.

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