Eco Friendly Coffee Surf Wax
Eco Friendly Coffee Surf Wax
Eco Friendly Coffee Surf Wax

7M Surf Wax

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For every purchase of 7M surf wax in October & November, Seven Miles will donate $5 to SurfAid - helping improve the wellbeing of families in remote regions, connected to us through surfing.
Did you know over 6 million tonnes of coffee grounds end up in landfill every year? That's far too much by our count. We've been on the hunt for innovative ways to up-cycle our grounds, reducing our impact on the planet.⁠ That brings us to our latest product launch: a limited edition eco friendly, delicious smelling coffee surf wax!⁠

We've partnered with the team at GoodSurfWax to create a custom blend of their soft wax, using coffee grounds to add extra grip and an unforgettable scent.
Totally natural wax that is as good for the earth as it is for your board. Best used as a top layer, applied generously before every surf.

About 'Seven Miles in the Right Direction'

Exceptional coffee starts with exceptional commitment. We believe we have a corporate responsibility to care for the environment that cares for us. Our commitment to implementing positive changes across our business, in ways that are both practical & economically sustainable, led to the creation of "Seven Miles in the Right Direction”. From introducing new recycling initiatives to optimising our packaging waste and going 100% solar powered at our Manly HQ, we’re changing things for the better.
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