Which machines can I use your pods with?

Our pods are compatible with the following Nespresso® machines: Citiz; Lattisima; Lattisima Premium; Lattissima Plus; Pixie; Essenza; Maestria; U; Inissia, Prodigio, Expert.

They are not compatible with the following professional machines: Gaggia, Saeco, Siemens, Miele (built in) & Romeo Nespresso® machines. (These machines are not widely available in Australia)

Are the pods also compatible with other systems & machines?

No, our pods are only compatible with the Nespresso®* system.

What’s the difference between ‘Pods’ & ‘Capsules’?


Is the warranty on my machine still valid if I use your pods?

Yes, the warranty on your machine is not dependent on the pods used in the machine.

Can your pods damage my Nespresso®* machine?

No, our pods have been specially developed for use with the Nespresso®* system & are made of a flexible, yielding material. All tests show that our pods do not damage your machine in any way. Be sure to regularly maintain your coffee machine, as this is essential to ensure the quality of the coffee extracted.

How long can I store my pods?

We recommend that you use the pods within 12 months of its manufacture date to ensure you get the best flavour.

How do you ensure freshness?

Our coffee is roasted, ground & packed right here in Australia. It is packed within days of roasting & seconds of grinding. Our manufacturing & packing process extracts over 99% of the oxygen from the pod & then wraps it in airtight aluminium foil, retaining flavours and aromas in a optimally modified, shelf stable atmosphere.

What water should I use?

Good water quality is essential for a good coffee. We recommend that you use filtered water. Remember to refill the water tank regularly.

How should I prepare my coffee?

To get the best possible extraction, we recommend that you purge your machine & heat your cup before making a coffee.

This can be done in one easy step by running hot water from your machine into your cup 2 or 3 times (without inserting a pod). Pour out the hot water & proceed to make your espresso. This helps heat the machine to the right temperature for brewing.

How do I make an authentic espresso?

To enjoy a real espresso, we recommend extracting a 25ml shot of coffee (i.e. the shorter, ‘half-cup’ button on most compatible machines)

How do I make a long black?

For best results, you should fill a cup with as much hot water as you desire & then extract a pod into the hot water as normal. You may wish to extract 2 pods for more flavour & intensity.

How do I make a double espresso?

Use two pods one after the other to ensure the balance of flavour. We advise you not to simply use the same pod twice as this will adversely affect flavour & intensity.

My machine seems difficult to close, is this normal?

Yes, this is quite normal. Our pods are made of food grade recyclable plastic. Due to the different seals used, closing the lever of the machine may require additional effort, however the pod will not damage your machine.

My coffee takes a long time to pour. Is that normal?

Yes, that is completely normal. Our pods do extract slower than Nespresso®* pods. We aim to create authentic espresso characteristics. Extraction time can be up to 20 seconds depending on variant & extraction volume.

Pods do not eject automatically?

In general, we recommend that each pod be ejected after coffee preparation. If this is not done, the pod may contract & expand with cooling & heating of the machine & become lodged in the barrel. If this happens, the pod should be carefully pried out of the barrel using either a spoon, blunt knife or tweezer. Occasionally because of the material they are made from, our pods may deform slightly under high pressure and not eject automatically. In this case, raise the lever on your machine and manually press the pod down lightly or move the lever back and forth slightly. This will free it & your machine will be ready for the next pod.

My machine is blinking and won’t make coffee?

1: Check to see if the used pod collection bin is full. If so, empty it.

2: Check water level. If necessary, refill.

3: Occasionally, after preparing several coffees in a short space of time, your machine may go into calibration mode. This is necessary for the machine to cool down so that the next coffee will be extracted at optimum temperature. This is not a defect in the machine. After a few minutes the blinking will stop and the machine will be ready for the next coffee.

When the pod is inserted it falls directly into the pod holder - what should I do?

You may simply use the same pod again. For best results, place the pod in the pod holder slowly and at a slight angle, then close the lever.

I have coffee grinds in the cup. Why is this?

Our coffee is very finely ground. Occasionally a few of the very finest particles of coffee may get past the filter plate and extract along with the coffee into the cup.

How do I maintain my machine?

Follow the manufacturer’s guide. Service the machine as recommended. Descale your coffee machine on a regular basis. Check the filter plate for residue and remove, if necessary.

How do I dispose of my pods?

Our pods are produced from fully recyclable aluminium & polypropylene. Click Here for details on how you can recycle these pods for free

*Nespresso® is the registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé SA