Issue #4, October '21

I'm sitting in a cafe.

A real cafe. A real cafe with plates and plants and people. Smiling people, happy people. And one person that looks pretty upset, but he's just spilt a drink on his lap so that's on him.

A salty breezes blows in from Bondi beach across the road, cutting through the cafes aroma of warm croissants, flowers and coffee. Freshly brewed coffee from the espresso machine to my left and chocolate-y cappuccino that the upset man is furiously wiping off his trouser leg with a napkin.

Behind me, a young couple are talking about their weekend plans. Which cafes and restaurants they're going to visit. Who's having a party where and just how exciting it is to have real, tangible (sorry "zoom drinks", you're out) plans again.

To my right, a young mother is sitting with a toddler who, I assume, has just learnt the word "unbelievable". In between dropping pieces of muffin on the floor, it's all she's saying.

The cafe manager is teaching a junior barista the ropes. The excitement on his face (behind a mask) is infectious. They're laughing. It's fun being around people again.


Speaking of being around people again...


Who's excited for the SurfAid Manly Cup this year?

On November 26, our kombi van will return to North Steyne, serving coffees to contestants & spectators throughout the day. We're also entering a team into the competition this year and, to be honest, I'm feel pretty pretty good about our chances.

The money SurfAid raises helps to bring clean water & sanitation, basic healthcare and improved nutrition to extremely remote villages with some of the highest mortality rates in the world. To help fundraise this year, we're hosting an online raffle with some awesome coffee-related prizes.

(including a hand shaped surfboard, free coffee subscriptions, brewing equipment and merch!)

Click the button below to learn more about why we're fundraising and buy yourself a raffle ticket!


On top of the raffle, we've launched a limited edition range of products, the profits from which will be donated to SurfAid. Check them out below 👇

- T-shirts 👕 

- Surf wax 🏄‍♂️ 

- Indonesian single origin coffee ☕️ 


Seven Miles x Craft'd Grounds

Have you heard the news? Our brand new Brisbane roastery and Queensland flagship is due to open in the next few weeks. We can't wait to welcome you all to the awesome new space, but in the mean time, check out the article below from Concrete Playground and make sure you're following our Instagram page for updates.



Ben & Dimitri, ready to welcome you to our new QLD HQ


Brand new Single Origin coffees? Yes please

A new month means new additions to our Single Origin offering and do we have a doosie for you...

The Sumatran is a Grade 1, wet hulled coffee with tasting notes of Cedar, Anise & Strawberry.

The Guatemalan is a deliciously sweet, washed coffee, with tasting notes of cardamon, sugar cane and coconut. Perfect as both an espresso & filter.



The Fix: a Loosely Coffee Related Playlist

It rained a lot this week so I made 3 separate risottos. All equally delicious. Not one regret. This month's playlist was the soundtrack to them all. So here you have it - "music to cook risotto to". As always, we love hearing your suggestions for next month. Just reply to this email with your recommendations and i'll add them to the playlist as we go!

Have a listen here 👉 CLICK ME

That's all from me this month. If you're reading this in NSW and have just come out of lockdown - congratulations, we made it. The real world can feel somewhat confrontational and overwhelming after 4 months inside. Go easy, don't rush into everything. Be kind to your friends and family. 

Start slow and see how you feel. My recommendation - pop in to your local cafe.