Issue #2, August 2021

Hey everyone,
Josh here. Back with you for our second issue of The Fix.
Can you believe it's four weeks since you last heard from me? No, me neither. In that time i've drunk exactly 84 coffees. There's also been a whole Olympics? But back to the coffees, because that's why we're all here. 84 coffees between posts might seem like a lot, but there's no need to panic. I'm here now and in another 84 coffees time, I'll be back again.
"But Josh, what exact coffee have you drunk 84 times since we last spoke" I hear you say. "These are the details THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW". Now I have been accused of many things over the years, but depriving the people (you) of what they need/want is not one of them.
I've been drinking our Indonesia Kerinci Honey single origin coffee, brewed via an Aeropress. If you haven't picked up a bag yet, head to the link below to order one before they sell out. 
Fun Fact - We launched this coffee in proud collaboration with our friends at SurfAid - for every pack sold, we're donating $1 to their cause, helping support remote communities in Indonesia with basic healthcare, clean water and nutrition. To learn more about SurfAid's awesome work, click this link!
Totally Fairtrade, Organic Coffee
The eagle-eyed amongst you might have spotted a promotion on our Instagram page (right here, to be precise) last week, raising awareness for our totally Fairtrade, totally organic blend, Leaf & Berry.
A combination of four certified organic & Fairtrade coffees sourced from some of the world's premium growing areas, Leaf & Berry is a delicate, balanced coffee with sweet floral notes and hints of nutmeg and other spice.⁠⁠
To celebrate some of the amazing work Fairtrade Australia are doing in the coffee industry, we're offering a 15% discount on our Leaf And Berry beans (250g & 1kg). Simply enter the code FTF15 at checkout.
The promotion ends this Friday! Save yourself some hassle (and some $$) by putting an order in today. Even better, if you order a 1kg bag, we'll throw free shipping in too. Order yours via the button below 👇👇👇
100,000 YouTube Subscribers
If you find yourself thinking "who on earth is this bearded man repeatedly turning his face towards the screen? And why, despite his dark sunglasses, do his eyes seem to follow me wherever I look?" it must mean you haven't (yet) checked out our YouTube channel. 
Over the past 12 months, the demand for coffee education, skills training and video content has grown so much. Our YouTube channel hit a massive milestone this week, passing the 100,000 subscriber mark! ⁠Big thank you to everyone that has subscribed already.
Interested in learning new ways to bring coffee to life? Check out our channel, and latest video, "Single Origin Coffee: a Beginner's Guide" via the button below 👇 
The Fix: a Loosely Coffee Related Playlist
Thank you to everyone that sent in "loosely coffee related" songs last month! This time, i'm expanding the parameters to "music to listen to whilst drinking coffee on a balcony". Just reply to this email with your recommendations and i'll add them to the playlist as we go!
Have a listen here 👉 CLICK ME
That's all from me this month! If you're reading this from lockdown, I hope you're coping okay. Remember to stay safe, stay healthy & stay caffeinated.
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